For years, an enormous amount of floating plastic litter has been piling up in the oceans. Eventually, the plastic is reduced to small particles called ‘micro-plastics’. As a result, ocean water has become a global soup of micro plastics: The Plastic Soup.


The plastic particles are eaten by plankton, fish and other animals in the ocean. Because sea animals cannot digest plastic, the micro plastics are causing deaths to all kinds of marine life.
Moreover, plastic waste disintegrating into micro plastics causes the release of toxic substances. Recent measurements are showing that the issue is much larger than feared. The plastic mass in the Pacific Ocean covers a surface area of more than 3,5 million square kilometres!


The plastic pollution of ocean water is not only threatening animals. More than half of the world’s population depends on the ocean as a main food resource. This is happening now ‘in your own backyard’. The University of Wageningen in the Netherlands already found micro plastics in common North Sea cod. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has calculated that if we ignore the issue, in 2050 the sea will contain more plastic than fish.


With his spectacular freedive and additional crossmedia campaign, the DJ wishes to raise global awareness for the Plastic Soup issue. Nevertheless, raising awareness is not the only goal, he aims to raise as much funding as possible for the WWF and the Plastic Soup Foundation, thereby enabling the practical disposal of half the plastic waste in the ocean within the next 10 years.