‘Mission Live Ocean’ has been created by the Mission Live Foundation.
This is an independent non-profit foundation, aiming to raise awareness for global environmental issues by organizing spectacular and remarkable events and media campaigns.
During our campaigns the audience is informed and educated about these topics. We create information and multimedia campaigns, we produce documentaries and raise money, enabling us to work together with experts to truly solve these environmental issues.


However, just raising awareness for the global environmental issues is not sufficient. By organizing campaigns, Mission Live Foundation wishes to contribute over a longer period of time directly to the solution of large climate issues by raising money to genuinely solve the environmental problems.


Mission Live Foundation is a non-profit foundation, working according to the ANBI guidelines for charities. All finances will be controlled by an independent external accountant. We strive to finance the Mission Live Ocean campaign by grants, public donations, corporate donations and gifts by other organizations. Eighty percent of all means is directly reserved for WWF and the Plastic Soup Foundation, fifteen percent is used to pay for expenses and five percent is reserved for future campaigns concerning different environmental issues.

If you would like more information, please visit our website: